Please view the four short videos to give you an overview of what goes into the process of printing a shirt from start to finish. Or if you just love to read my ramblings and or are not able to get the videos to work then read on and I'll explain the process.

A design to be printed will have one to many colors. The colors need to be separated from your art. Once that is done, a film and screen needs to be created for each color. The film is placed on the screen and than exposed to light where upon the image from the film is transfered "burned" to the screen. The screen is spayed with water at which point the burned image washes out of the screen leaving a stencil for the ink to be pushed through the mesh. The screen is dried, inspected and corrected for any imperfections, taped up and put into the press. The design is centered and if any other colors are to be printed, registered to one another. Shirts are then adhered to the press with a light spay of a water based adhesive so they don't move while being printed. The press operator loads the shirts, the press prints the colors, the finished shirts comes around and removed from the press. The shirt is then placed on a conveyer belt that goes through a heat tunnel (dryer). When it comes out the end of the dryer the ink has reached its curing temperature and is ready to wear. We then stack the shirt by size, folding them together by the dozen and box them up and they're ready to go.