We have many to choose from such as foil, suede, ice and cork just to name a few. We love keeping up with what is hot in the market and are continually working with our clients and experimenting with new techniques. See our samples!
A brilliant, high-gloss metallic foil specially for applications to T-Shirts that give you a shine that ink can not achieve alone. Foils are available in Silver, Gold, Copper, Red, Pink, Purple, Royal Blue and Green. The process involves first printing a layer of adhesive on the garment, curing that adhesive, heat-pressing a sheet of foil onto the adhesive, then stripping off the balance.
Ice Base
A high density or conventional flat ink to produce shiny, wax textured surfaces with straight edges.
Rock Base
Will create a tough and durable, rock hard ink surface. To create innovative textured surfaces.
High Density Clear
HDC can be used as a high density gloss/clear or as a high gloss overprint to any ink.
An extremely matte finish with a fuzzy texture and a slight puff. The resulting print is almost indistinguishable from suede leather in texture and appearance. Suede Plastisol can also be used to simulate sand or stone and other unusual and subtle special effects.