How many screens and films will I need?
As mentioned, for every color printed, a film and screen needs to be produced. A design that is printed with one color on the front and one color on the back require two screens and films. One "setup" for each side. The one time cost per film is $15 each. T-Shirt screens are $25 each. On re-orders the costs per color to reset up is $10 per screen provided the last order was placed within six months.
What are the Minimums?
  Our minimum is 24 pieces per color in the design. Meaning, if your design has three colors, the minimum is 72 pieces. If your needs are in the multi thousands, we can facilitate that with great pleasure.
What is your budget? What's my price?
  You are only limited by your budget. We can print almost anything you can afford. Things like film, screen, and color mixing all are pretty easy to figure out and given what has been explained so far. Determining the final cost depends on a few other things of which are listed below for garment printing:
  • What color shirt do you need?
  • What type of shirt do you need?
  • How many colors are in the design, for each side?
  • How many shirts do you need, what is the size breakdown?
  • Are you providing the artwork?
  • Does your artwork need to be tweaked?
  • Is your artwork color separated?
    Have I answered all your questions?
      If you have any questions on something I've haven't covered here please feel free to give us a call, 510.451.2687. We prefer to go over all the technical information over the telephone. That way we can give you immediate attention and answer any questions you have. Please enjoy our site as we tried to make it visually stimulating. If you are ready for a quote please go to my contact page and send us an e-mail. Thanks for your time, Rael