Do you have high standards and care what your end product looks like?
Do you need to know that the order will be ready when promised without exception?
Do you want a print shop that will be there to deliver the same quality time after time, year after year?
Are you looking for a garment printer who is licensed by the State of California?
  If you have these needs then we can be of great assistance to you. We are committed to our work and word. We are happy to take the time to explain, educate and help you through the complete process, from your idea to the finished product. Whether this is the first time you've ever contemplated having shirts printed or if it's old hat, we can help you.

We offer garment printing on all types and styles of garments with very few exceptions. We can provide you with major brands in all the styles, sizes and colors they come in. You may also provide us with your own garments.

Our minimum is 24 pieces per color in the design. Meaning, if your design has three colors, the minimum is 72 pieces. If your needs are in the multi thousands, we can facilitate that with great pleasure.

If you are planning a small get together or an event in a grand scale we can take care of your needs in a speedy, friendly and fun fashion.

Please view our portfolio. Rather than superimpose a graphic on a shirt we photographed the actual shirt. This way you can view the quality of our prints.

Please use the links towards the left side to find more useful information about what we offer. The top menu bar will take you to more of what we offer by way of other print mediums such as poster, embroidery and ad speciality items. You'll find catalogs of some of the products we can easily obtain as well as what we hope to be more helpful information. Check out our blog as we post our most current print jobs there.

Please call on us for an appointment to stop by our clean, well organized shop (office desks excluded) to discuss how we can provide for your needs. We're sure when you see our shop and our work in person you will know what you read and see here is not just hype.
We live this life!

Thanks for visiting and we hope to hear from you.